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About The Author



Dinesh Patel’s unflagging photographic pursuit of East African wildlife has resulted in scores of pictures, each one of which has been the result of hours, days and even weeks of perseverance. Over the past 5 decades he has skillfully matched his innate knowledge and love for the bush with superb artistry and sensitivity as a photographer.


Dinesh’s persistent gambles have paid off; and this collection gives testimony to his interest in conservation, his ability, gained from safaris to virtually every wildlife park in East Africa and a sincere desire to convey by camera, the assets which mean so much to the future of the region and the world at large.


An appointed honorary Game Warden of the Kenya wildlife Service he is in addition one of the few photographers to also cultivate a knowledge and profound respect for the peoples of his country.


For the man, who as a youth of 19, made the daring journey up the Nile from Uganda to Europe when such routes were still high on the risk list, Dinesh Patel has over the past five decades, documented a remarkable journey in Eastern Africa covering thousands of miles, from the world famous Serengeti Plains of Tanzania to obscure places like Kidepo Valley in Uganda.


The Journey Within is about animals and landscapes familiar to the privileged few, but novel to most.  The sense of the wild, a compassion for wildlife, and an exceptional talent with camera, charts a journey that few will have witnessed.


There are two unique and striking features. First, is its simplicity and purity – the wildlife photography in the book is uncomplicated and pure, capturing snapshots of the wild as it is intended to be, devoid of human factors.  Second, building on this simplicity, unfettered with commentary, the photographer has successfully created a world that gives the reader an experience of being there, accompanying the photographer as he moves on his journey.


Whether these photographs are viewed with awe or admired for their majesty, they convey an important message.  The African wilderness is in rapid retreat.  Too many of the creatures exhibited here, are on the lamentable list of endangered species, and face a bleak future.  So the challenge ahead is serious and the task difficult, but essential.  Africa needs a future that befits its unique place in the grandeur of nature.  By nurturing these natural jewels and by playing to its strengths – its unique and spectacular wild legacy – Africa must become prosperous by preserving its heritage.  It is the essential duty of the wildlife photographer to spread this message by conveying the spectacle and magnificence of Africa’s wild-wonders.  Thank you for investing in this book.


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